July 2009
Hidden Gluten in Foods
Shelley provides guidelines on what to look for on food labels to discover hidden sources of gluten plus an overview on labeling regulations in the US and Canada. Click Here to View
Ingredient Update: Blue Cheese
The Canadian Celiac Association has recently investigated a variety of blue cheese on the market and found that very few are made using bread mold, and when they are, the test results completed by Health Canada found no detectable levels of gluten in the final product. See the full story.
Eating Safely at the Family BBQ
Tips for eating gluten-free at the family BBQ and what to watch for. View The Tips
Increased Prevalence & Mortality in Undiagnosed Celiac Disease
New Mayo Clinic Study finds celiac disease four times more common than 50 years ago. See the study abstract, video from Mayo Clinic and CTV news story about this study.
 American Gastroenterology Association Celiac Disease Conference
Celiac Disease: Broadening Horizons conference on September 11/12 in Chicago will feature celiac experts from around the world. Shelley is honored to be one of the presenters at this prestigious conference. Program details including registration information can be found here.
Gluten-Free Diet Book Receives Rave Reviews
See what others are saying about Shelley’s national best selling book.

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