August 2012
Prevalence of Celiac Disease
in the USA

A recent study found 1:100 non-Hispanic whites in the USA tested positive for celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Regulation Update

Canada gluten-free regulation, in effect since 1995, is undergoing revisions. Read “ Health Canada’s Proposed Policy Intent for Revising Canada’s Gluten-Free Labelling Requirements.

Gluten Challenge Study

Read the latest study of 20 adults with celiac disease who were challenged with 3 or 7.5 grams of gluten/day.

Gluten-Free Whole Grains:
Are You Getting Enough?

Check out the ideas and recipes for incorporating more whole grains in the gluten-free diet.

Gluten-Free Watchdog

Founded by dietitian Tricia Thompson to make state-of-the-art gluten-free food testing data available directly to consumers. Learn more about Gluten-Free Watchdog.

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