July 2012
New Gluten and Allergen Labeling Regulations

Health Canada’s new regulations come into force August 4, 2012. All major allergens, gluten sources and sulphites must be declared on the label. The following links provide further information:

Main article from Health Canada's Web Site

Regulations Overview from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Web Site

Health Canada’s Position on
Gluten-Free Claims

Read the updated position including the 20 ppm threshold level and gluten detection methodologies.

Gluten Content Statements in the Labeling and Advertising of Wines, Distilled Spirits and Malt Beverages in the USA

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) have an interim policy on gluten content statements. Dietitian Tricia Thompson’s blog contains a summary of key issues with this policy.

Alcohol and the Gluten-Free Diet

Learn about which alcoholic beverages are gluten-free.

Control Your Weight on the
Gluten-Free Diet

Here are some tips to maintain a healthy weight on a gluten-free diet.

Summer Fruit Time

Check out the ideas and recipes for incorporating more fruits in the gluten-free diet.

In the News

Canadian Government Helps Grain Sector Develop Gluten-Free Products

The Gluten-Free Diet 101

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