January 2012
Probiotics in Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity & IBS Teleseminar February 1

Dr. Daniel Leffler, Gastroenterologist from Celiac Center in Boston and Shelley Case, RD, Consulting Dietitian will present a FREE teleseminar on the role of probiotics in GI health on Wednesday, February 1 at 8:00pm ET. Sign up today.

Evolving Diagnostic Criteria for Celiac Disease

Learn about the soon to be published new ESPGHAN guidelines for diagnosing celiac disease.

Nutritional Composition of
Gluten-Free Cereals & Granolas

Check out the detailed charts comparing a wide variety of cold cereals and granolas. Ingredients and nutritional composition varies depending on which country it is sold. See the two versions:

Gluten in Medications

The FDA is seeking comments about gluten in medications. Comments must be submitted to the FDA by March 20, 2012.

In addition, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is conducting a “gluten in medications” survey funded by the FDA.

In the News

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Celiac Vaccine Update

Celiac Biopsy Interpretation Varies with Laboratory Setting

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